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Jerusalem Reloaded
A Community for discussing and sharing research on Alternative History, Desposyni, Knights Templar, Grail Bloodlines and Subjective Reality. We're currently adding to our vast collection of books, academic papers and articles in pdf format, readable on-site or freely downloadable.

The Future Truly Lies In The Past
Christ told his Disciples to first understand the beginning or they couldn't understand the end. So why is the beginning so important? Everything you have ever known or believed has been altered for political purposes; everything.

Potentially Offensive Material
Much of the material on this site can be offensive to some members. There are unseen avenues of our past which have been hidden for political reasons, much like the politics of today.

Your Beliefs Are Your Own
Your beliefs are your own; or are they? We'll discuss this topic a lot. Most inherit their beliefs through Societal Conditioning, and honesty have no idea who's beliefs they are.

For now let me welcome you to Jerusalem Reloaded.
We've been expecting you.

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